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Well I've finally gotten a chance to work with the new Air Chasing Graver and it is really wonderful.  It took me a while to get it set up and actually start engraving since it's a totally new system, but I think there's no going back.... 
Rob & Tira Mitchell
http://www.Engraver.com Professional custom hand engraving of any image on any surface.

The Air Chasing Graver is marvelous!  I grabbed a piece of mild steel and put it through some basic tests with your default settings, I'm impressed, hands down it gives me so much more control than before and raises far less of a bur during heavier cutting than my other engraving impact tool does, this means no more push graver cleanup for me. Control wise I noticed a big big improvement, I tried some fine shading and I have to tell you that I can now see why your shading is so uniformed, the little tests I did for shading produced a far more uniformed result. I'm so pleased with your Chasing Graver and I haven't even really put it through all its paces yet. I don't even think I will need to adjust anything really since it seems to cut very nicely for heavier cuts as well as finer ones.
Additional feedback of the AirGravers after long term usage by Adone T. Pozzobon
Adone T. Pozzobon

  View more pictures of this piece at Engraving Arts Web site

The Air Graver is a beautiful piece of precision machinery.   I cannot believe how smoothly it operates and how it is able to operate at such a low air pressure.  I really like it and can eagerly recommend it to anyone looking for a high precision reciprocating graver.
Larry Ott

I have been engraving with air engraving tools for about five years.   They have worked quite well but have never really handled like the hand push gravers I use for sqecial effects on my custom jewelry.  I received the "Lindsay Air Chasing Graver" and was pleased to find that this graver gave me that control and feel fo the hand graver.  The Lindsay Graver has done every cut I have put before it with great ease.  The control is what I like the most, plus its size. 

I have found it to be a great tool for wax carving.  If you are into "Lost Wax Casting" and create your own wax models, you should try this tool.   You will love it. 

I find the air graver to be very quiet. The other hand engraving machines I have used have a lot more noise.  My bright cutting  has improved at least 50% right off the bat. I love the way it starts to cut, and the control over the cut is just great.

Thanks Steve for a great air graver.
Lee-Joyce Designs Inc. 
Jack Gohn

The Air Chasing Graver seems wonderfully small, perfectly balanced and fits nicely in my hand. Much better than other gravers which seem too big! You seem to be the only one in the whole industry who has noticed this!
Jean D Parus


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