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After using the other mechanical handpieces, I returned to the traditional hand graver.   On learning of the Lindsay AirGraver and using it, I have realized that it made work easier and quality better.  I won't be returning to any other handpiece or traditional graver.
Ken Hurst
Ken Hurst has been a gun engraver 40 years.   He was a Colt custom shop master engraver and was listed as a Winchester custom shop engraver by Bruno Pardee (former Winchester custom shop mgr.) Ken Hurst also started the engraving school at Montgomery Tech. Inst in Troy , N.C.  

Just had to let you know that I set up your Classic AirGraver yesterday and I have only had a short time to use it but this little gem of a tool is incredible. Just fantastic! So much more control that the other leading brand that I have been using. Also quieter, less vibration, better size and adjustment is so easy. An absolute dream to use. 
Glenn Waters

Glenn Waters is a skilled knifemaking artist from Japan. He has won numerous best of knife show awards in the USA and Japan.  He is one of 23 featured artists in the book "Art and Design in Modern Folders" that is to be released early in 2003.  This book will be a high quality Art book featuring 23 of the world's finest knifemaking artists.

To the right is one of Glenn's work of art.  Visit Glenn's Web Site


Wahoo!  Well I received the AirGraver on Saturday and haven't put it down since!  Steve, it is so beautiful!! Both to work with and just in and of itself.  I had some _big_ lockets (2 1/2") on my bench waiting to be engraved and
without even practicing I started cutting the scrolls with the pre-sharpened square that came with the AirGraver. WOW.
It took me no time at all to get used to.
David Davidse

This Chasing AirGraver is a real little wonder.  She's young and groovy, with a vibrant personality . She's has a nice heart beat meant for the hands of the master and yet still perform like a pro even in the paws of a neophyte like me .
Hummm....Sorry .........!  It's kind of ..... In the French  nature to give a sex to anything they touch .....I mean talk about .......Whatever .....You know what I mean.  :)   
Jose C. de Braga

Jose is far from a beginner.  He is an artist in every sense of the word.   He can sculpture like Wow!   To the right is his work on an ivory knife handle.     Visit Jose's web site. 

I have cut a few scroll patterns on practice plates and this AirGraver is a dream. So smooth and easy to handle it is a pleasure to hold and use.  I noticed there is little or no recoil or vibration, this is great. 
Tom White

As a banjo maker, most of my engraving up until now has been in mother of pearl--I'm a newcomer to metal engraving.  I've always used push gravers on pearl--it didn't seem like a powered graver would really offer much of an advantage on a material that engraves as easily as pearl does.  Wrong!  What I've found is that the AirGraver allows me to do more accurate cuts and is even allowing me to do clean shading that I didn't think I could do on pearl without a lot of chipping and flaking.  The quick change feature is making it easy to go between my 90 degree and 120 degree gravers, and with the level of control I'm getting from the AirGraver, I've stopped using the liners for shading that I had always used in the past.

I started using a microscope for engraving last year--between it and the AirGraver my work has improved beyond what I had ever thought possible.  Thanks again!
David Ball    Banjo maker, building mostly in the style of the 1890s Boston makers-- Most of his engraving is on pearl, but some brass, German silver and silver engraving on various metal banjo parts.


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