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My newest Lindsay AirGraver arrived several days ago and I must say that once again I'm impressed, this time even more so then usual. Currently I own 4 of the Lindsay gravers and each has performed extremely well.
Adone Pozzobon  Hand Engraving Artist

Adone Pozzobon has written numerous reviews on the EngravingArts website about the AirGravers and other hand engraving tools.
Lindsay AirGraver review #1
Lindsay AirGravers Concise Review #2
Lindsay Ultimate AirGraver Concise Review #3

AirGravers after long term usage by Adone T. Pozzobon

    The Ultimate Classic AirGraver arrived.  I am astonished at the small size.  After reading the directions and getting it set up I started on a practice plate.  Everything that has been said about these AirGravers is correct, within an hour I was cutting away with control that I could not believe.  I turned down the tool pressure to 10 PSI and it cuts steel like butter. I am sure the graver you supplied and sharpened has something to do with it too.  To say that I am happy is the under statement of the century.
Dave London

     I spent three hours with the Classic AirGraver.  First hour poring over the instructions, about ten minutes mounting the control unit and checking how everything went together - and then I was off... Pretty neat idea, including a sharp carbide graver!  Didn't even need to find a wrench to get one out of a collet from my old engraving machine.  Just stuck it in and started.  After about half an hour of play, tweaking the controls to see how everything worked - I was cutting like I used to when I was a puppy!  Amazing difference from the clunky stuff I'd been using.
     There is a saying "Them that can, do - them that can't, teach".  After this experience, I believe I "can" once again!
     In the past couple of hours, I cannot believe the difference! It's like the microscope giving you a new pair of eyes.  Your machine has given me back what I thought I'd lost forever - perfect control..
Brian P. Marshall    Jewelry Art School,  Marshall Studios
Additional feedback concerning AirGraver delivery & service by Brian Marshall

    I would like to express my extreme satisfaction with my recent purchase of one of your Air Chasing Gravers. I originally purchased it because I wanted to do more Bulino style engraving and also because I had read so many good comments about it on the Engraver's Forum and also the review by Mr. Pozzobon. I have been engraving with a hammer and chisel for eight years and all of my Banknote engraving is done with traditional push gravers.   I wanted the ACG to help me shorten up the enormous amount of time it takes to do a Bulino scene with my handgravers. Well, I must say this tool is AWESOME! It is not limited to fine line work at all, in fact, I now do the majority of my engraving with it. I have tried other pneumatic gravers on the market and could never get used to the feel of the hand pieces or the fact that they made my hand go numb from the vibration. Your AirGraver was such and easy transition for me because it feels exactly like my hand gravers. The difference between your tool and the others on the market is astounding. It cuts so smooth and vibration free. Your Air Chasing Graver is clearly the Rolls Royce of the engraving industry and has set the standard by which all others will be judged.  After I received it, I couldn't help but take it apart and find out how it works.  I was surprised at how simple the design is but at the same time I was overwhelmed by the incredible attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into the production of this little jewel. It is about as close to engineering perfection as I have ever seen. You have given the engraving community a wonderful gift by offering these tools for sale, Steve.
Thank you very much,
Don Patch   www.EngraversArt.com  

Mr. Patch was a custom gunsmith for 13 years before becoming an engraver. He specializes in high quality bulino game scenes as well as all types of scroll and precious metal inlays. Mr. Patch can reproduce any of the styles of factory gun engraving. He was fortunate to have lived near Lynton Mckenzie and his engraving was greatly influenced by him.  Mr. Patch is also a member of the Firearms Engravers Guild.

donpatch.jpg (18703 bytes)

Below are photos of Don Patch's exquisite engraving work.


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