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I wanted to share my first portrait and wire inlay on the knife attached below - once I got toward the end I couldn't stop and worked most of one night finishing it.  All was done of course with your PalmControl Lindsay except for the Bulino work for which I used the titanium coated sewing machine needles I told you about.

Sam Marsh, Washington, NC

Click Photo to Enlarge

I received my PalmControl in November 16, 2007.  My previous way of working was the hammer and chisel but since I use my PalmControl, my horizons have widened. This is an extraordinary tool, instinctive and it has the power of 3 handpieces combined into one single tool. Customer service is very professional. Sometimes I wonder what it would be better than my PalmControl but I do not see ... but I know I can trust Steve ;-))  Here is a picture of my latest work. (click to enlarge)

Roland Baptiste, Modave, Belgium  Website
Roland BAPTISTE Engraving School (AirGraver School)

Steve, I want you to know that I love this awesome PalmControl tool I bought from you and you couldn't pay me $5Grand to get it back!!!
Bill Carrico, Jeffersonville Indiana

Steve, The PalmControl arrived this afternoon, thank you. What a little beauty!  I'm not unfamiliar with engineering and manufacturing and this is a superb piece of ingenuity and craftsmanship.  I've only spent a few minutes going over it and trying it out, but already I can see why so many people rant and rave about the PalmControl; it is unbelievably simple to operate.  I can see myself heading for divorce with a tool this delightful to use!
Bob Frost-Stevenson, Chelsea Australia

Hi Steve,
As a new engraver I find the assistance of the AirGraver with its ease of control and range of cuts to be of great value to my engraving. It is a piece of engineering art. Many thanks to you Steve for making me this brilliant engraving tool.
Jacques Herbst, South Africa         

Exhibition knife engraving by Jacques Herbst.  Click photograph to enlarge

Hi Steve,  Its Here, and I am enjoying everything about the AirGraver.  I have it set up, and have been doing some practice cuts. I never realized a cut could be SOOO smooth. The response is Fantastic.  Thank You Again for inventing such a fantastic tool, at about 5am this morning I heard it calling my name, an ad to go out and do some more practice cuts. You never explained to me that the Classic have a heart, and soul. I will forever be grateful for deciding to buy The Classic over the Mach.  NO Comparison, NONE.
John Kinney, Stevens Point, WI

While talented artists can create an engraving with any sharpened steel tool and a hammer.  Mr. Lindsay’s PalmControl Handpiece is the quintessential hand engraving tool as it stands in the world today.  Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to hold Mr. Lindsay’s tool in my hand before I sold my GRS equipment, so it was a gamble for me.  It took me five years to make that decision (I am not real bright).  An angel must have been on my shoulder when I finally made the decision because it certainly was a blessing for me! Mr. Lindsay’s tool is indeed a mechanical marvel and, I believe, any unbiased person trying it, will want to own it, pure and simple.
Ed Davet, Chagrin Falls, OH


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