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The Lindsay PalmControl AirGraver is a truly unique advance of engineering. This product is a marvel of invention, and works flawlessly on the most delicate of engraved lines, and for deeper lines. All one needs is the slightest adjustment of palm pressure. I heartily endorse this remarkable instrument. Robert D. Swartley

The patented Lindsay PalmControl is by far the simplest, easiest to use engraving device ever made.
Barry Lee Hands

I just can't think of enough words to say my TOTAL SATISFACTION with Lindsay equipment!!! I am completely in AWE of this too!
Julie Warenski

The delicate touch and control of the Lindsay PalmControl AirGraver provides me with confidence to proceed with jobs where I probably would not have before.
Mike Dubber

"DITTO" to what has been said. I am enjoying the AirGraver more each day. It seems like I have been using the tool all my engraving life.
Sam Welch

At Browning I have taught people to engrave that wanted to learn the art and absolutely fell in love with the Lindsay AirGraver. Also, I have let non-engravers play with it and guess what, they starting cutting with no problem.
Rich Hambrook, Browning Arms Company

I have tried every engraving tool out there and by far my Lindsay AirGraver has improved my capacity to do fine shading and minute almost invisible accent cuts. This tool have made a better engraver out of me. I sometimes are chastised by my engraving friends about the number of shading cuts I make....that's just the way I do it. Most of the cuts might not be necessary but with the Lindsay Hand piece....it's fun to do. I feel much more confident with my shadowing and really have much more control.

Jim Small

As a full time engraver, using the PalmControl daily, I find the assistance of this tool to be of great value to my engraving... Remarkable controllability of even the most delicate of cuts.
J.C. Randel

The learning curve is much shorter with the Lindsay PalmControl and it makes jobs much easier.
Dave London

I have been using both the Lindsay Palm Control and Foot control for a couple of months. I was a GraverMax guy for 7 years at Browning and at my business at home. When I used both Lindsay's Palm control and foot control model I instantaneously fell in love. I bought both. No boxes, one hose, one little regulator, just awesome. Response time is unbelievable and guess what.........ADJUSTABLE!!!! I can change the stokes per minute with out even taking my eyes off my work. All of your controls are on the hand piece itself not on two boxes and tangle of hoses. What I really like is the ability to go up to 15,000 strokes per minute, yes I said 15,000 strokes per minute. It does make a huge difference with exhibition grade work. Also, the Lindsay looks like a beautiful, hand made machine. She purrs like a kitten but has the heart of a lion! If you haven't tried it ladies and gentlemen, it is a must. The Palm control puts a whole new level of excitement and control into engraving. UNBELIEVEABLE, JUST UNBELIEVEABLE!!!! Steve, I don't need a razor blade to make this Hummer run do I? 
Best Regards, Rich Hambrook


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