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Steve, Here are some shots of some rings that I cut with the Classic AirGraver. The platinum one has a total of 6 carats. The other ring with the 5 princess diamonds is the wedding band to match this engagement ring.
Ricky Low

Click on the pictures to enlarge.
Mvc-001sTHUMB.jpg (11514 bytes)
Mvc-002sTHUMB.jpg (6273 bytes)

Mvc-011s THUMB.jpg (9773 bytes)Mvc-001fTHUMB.jpg (13953 bytes)

Steve, I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that the Omega handpiece you sent is nothing short of spectacular !!  I have never owned a mechanical handpiece that could even touch the one you sent me.  From the very first day , I have had no problems using this tool and I must say I am more than impressed.   There is virtually no vibration in the handpiece , it is very quite and doesn't run away with you --- that is , I control it, it doesn't try to control me.  Also I would like to let you know that chipped points seem to be a thing of the past which I guess goes to the ultra high cyclic rate of operation that you can adjust this handpiece to.  The adjustments are so finite that it can be easily adjusted to any situation for precision cutting.  I doubt that I will ever go back to the old hand gravers I've been using for the past 40 years of engraving firearms.  Please let me know if you develop anymore products.  If you do and they make life as easy as this handpiece does, you'll have another sale!!  Thanks again for a great labor and frustration saving tool, wish I had one years ago.  I would strongly recommend it to anyone wanting to do quality work. It won't make anyone an engraver but it sure makes becoming one a lot easier.
After using the other mechanical handpieces, I returned to the traditional hand graver. On learning of the Lindsay tool and using it, I have realized that it made work easier and quality better.  I won't be returning to any other handpiece or traditional graver.
Best regards, 
Ken Hurst
Note: Ken Hurst was a Colt custom shop master engraver and was listed as a Winchester custom shop engraver by Bruno Pardee (former Win. custom shop mgr.) Ken Hurst also started the engraving school at Montgomery Tech. Inst in Troy , N.C.

I have been engraving for 25 years, originally with traditional methods, and later with mechanical devices as they came out, on a very eclectic mixture of items from sterling buckle sets to knives and guns to platinum, silver, and gold jewelry. I have owned and used virtually every type made at one time or other and I have to say that the Omega is the finest engraving tool I have ever used. In my opinion it out performs the 'other' most popular pneumatic out there as it has equal power to their strongest hand piece in a package 1/2 the size and can also cut the very finest of cuts with the utmost precision whereas the 'other' system's low end power is not as delicate and would require switching to another hand piece in order to compare in delicacy of execution. With this tool, I can go from executing bold, heavy cuts in one area to fine, light shading in another area and not have to switch handpieces, and the fineness of control it has is incredible.  It has the feel of a traditional graver in your hand as you hold it which is also very nice and this makes it similar to control to the traditional tools which have been used for centuries in this art form because of this control. The Omega is a very well made tool and you can recognize just by looking at it the amount of detail put into it's construction. Very Nice!
Ricky Low

rickMvc-006s.jpg (50408 bytes)
rickMvc-003s.jpg (62103 bytes)
rickMvc-011s.jpg (29761 bytes)
Notice the synthetic rubies set in the bicycle engraved rims.

Car Rims


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