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I set up the Chasing AirGraver handpiece and played with it today.  It is FABULOUS!!!!!!  This is such a FANTASTIC handpiece!!!  I am finally having fun engraving again!!  It is so much smoother and cleaner cutting than what I've been working with.  I just had to tell you how impressed I am with this!
Julie Warenski
Just have to say again...I am LOVING this handpiece!!!!  I can see how it will make my work so much cleaner and easier.  It really does help to have the best equipment.
Julie Warenski
 Warenski Engraving and Knives

Julie Warenski is one of a few renowned engravers. 

julie01.jpg (15126 bytes)
Engraver: Julie Warenski,   Knifemaker: Willie Rigney Jr.,    Photographer: PointSeven Studios

julie02.jpg (36160 bytes)
Engraver: Julie Warenski,   Knifemaker: Steven Rapp,    Photographer: PointSeven Studios

julie03.jpg (21702 bytes)

After 9 months and approx. 1400 hours of engraving with the Chasing AirGraver, I wanted you to know how happy I am with this marvelous tool. This last rifle engraving proves just how well it performs. This gun had some sections that were deeply cut, the steel itself was of average hardness not like the last rifle which was work hardened 4140, that rifle was also engraved exclusively with the Chasing AirGraver and even with it's hardened areas I still engraved the whole job without issues.

Yesterday I adjusted the AirGraver to it's longest stroke with the large piston, which is what I've been using on the guns at 20 psi. With the longest stroke, I almost had too much power for this medium hard rifle steel. I preferred the smoothness of a mid to short stroke distance as it feels smooth in my hand while cutting. I also found I was cutting very deep with lots of power and didn't need so much for the job so I reverted back to a short stroke with large piston, no psi changes were made as it performed perfectly.

Many engravers would require several years to amass as many hours as I have in 9 short months and I put gravers through some pretty aggressive tasks, at times on very hard metals, I've even tested the AirGraver on non commercial grade titanium and that's a task I feel engravers need not experience with any graver. I also do a lot of fine detailed work, micro shading... where hairline accuracy and control are required. I'm never going back to my previous pnuematic gravers! :)

Steve I can't thank you enough for this excellent air graver, you've really designed a wonderful tool!!!!
Adone Pozzobon


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