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Dear Steve,  Last week Tina Chisena was up here and she brought her beloved PalmControl AirGraver along to share. I've only had a few hours of actual engraving time with a different tool under Brian Marshall's tutorial eyeball. But when I settled down at my bench with your PalmControl and a #7 Optivisor, I was reminded in a very profound way what tool "transparency" really means: the tool is so effortlessly integrated into your hand and mind that there is nearly perfect flow from your will into the world.

That said, this is my first ever engraving [that wasn't a set of practice lines to learn graver geometry and sharpening]. The dragon was drawn in my notebook from a photo of a late 19th century iron and gold platter. I scanned the page, reduced the image slightly, and transferred
it with dressmaker's pattern wax to a 3" x 3" 18g sheet of pure iron. Then I started cutting.

Click pictures to enlarge.

Sincerely, and with the greatest respect for your work,
Anne Hollerbach


I have put my new Classic through the works, and wish to be articulate enough to put in words my appreciation for this tool. It has improved my ability by simply having more control.  Of course now with perfect hindsight, I should have owned one of these years ago.  Promise to sing praises to anyone who engraves.  
Russell Yates, Rotan TX

Steve, Hope all is well and hope you're not too swamped with the engraving life! I'm still using the Chasing and probably have about 450 hours on it now. Not a single problem with it.  One of the most satisfying pieces of equipment I have ever bought.
Bruce Mumford, Camas WA

Well I received the PalmControl handpiece.  Everything is perfect...Beyond perfect!!  Completely and totally
amazing...What a work of art!!!  Steve you're a hell of a guy, I wonder what is next on your brain?? Anyone that doesn't purchase one of these PalmControls is someone that is really missing out.  I sincerely appreciate everything and the velcro strap you made for me works perfect.
GDee Milligan, Datil New Mexico

Steve,  I am very impressed with the quality of the AirGraver. Of course I wouldn't expect less from an artist with your skill.  I tried the heavier work, as you suggested, and it performed as well on that as it did on the finest work.  Thanks again, and if there is anyway I can help you I will, as I think we should support the ones that sacrifice to offer quality to their fellow man.  After all, how can we better serve than to give the best we have to give at our own sacrifice.  I truly believe that this is a worthy pursuit and I will try to maintain it.  This philosophy has cost me dearly however, and I am sure that it has cost you too, but as I said, how better can you love your fellow man?
Ron Smith, Fort Worth Texas 

Steve, This AirGraver cuts stainless steel like butter.  Here is a Kious and Osborne folder I engraved not long ago. I used the Chasing AirGraver for both jobs.  I left the cuts bright.  Lucie Krulickova drew the designs. 
Bertil Aasland,  Anthem Arizona

Click on images for enlargement

Steve, Thanks for making such a great tool.  After two weeks I can't imagine working without it.  It truly has been a transformative experience having it. 
With gratitude and admiration, Thanks
James Roettger, Minneapolis, Minnesota


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