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Steve, When I ordered a Lindsay AirGraver handpiece I seriously wondered if I would detect any perceptible difference from my current engraving system with their newest handpiece. Heck, I had an air operated engraving set up, seemed foolish, even made me feel sort of guilty to order another one.  Steve, If you don't have any of your competitor's tools in your shop I recommend you acquire some. If you want to put a smile on your face use some of your competitor's products.  You sure will appreciate your own AirGraver creation and I guarantee the experience will keep you from taking it for granted.  Thank you for making these available. Many years ago I used to take Triumph's and BSA's into the woods. Loved'em had a lot of fun.  Fought my way around with those 400 pound beasts for maybe 6 or 7 years before I bought a made special for the woods Japanese trail bike---couldn't believe the difference.  Yes, your AirGraver handpiece is that much different. 
William Thomas
 Engraving Hobbyist
Six weeks later, after receiving a Chasing AirGraver handpiece: 
Steve, I am delighted with this Chasing handpiece too. Remember originally I was looking for a tool that would lay down fine lines closely spaced for shading.  I had stopped trying to use a power handpiece when shading. "Veining" leaves was no problem but to create closely spaced fine lines, for varying shades of "gray" I required a push palm graver. Whereas the push palm cut lines are the look I am after and can be tightly spaced my technique is not up to the task. A leaf or a stem will be coming along just like I want and then bam I slip and cross over a near by line or even skid off the image.  The Classic handles emphasis and shading cuts I did not even attempt with the old air max system. Control has never been easier, I can go as slow as I chose, stop on a dime and recut a previously cut line to increase the emphasis without it being visible.  Last night I kept switching back and forth between the Chasing and the Classic with each section of the pattern I was cutting.  Other than the power varying they both share the same qualities that makes them so terrific to work with.  I will be keeping both the Classic and the Chasing handpieces. If I had to choose one over the other --probably based on the longer time I have been using the Classic I would chose it as the "one".  But I was smiling with how I was laying really tightly spaced fine lines with the Chasing. Real or imagined if I want a really shallow but "crisp" line it was easier for me with the Chasing.   Note, just before I stopped for the night I mounted a knife graver I had ground for the other system's handpiece and which had proved to be way too fragile---totally impractical---when I wasn't putting too much side pressure and breaking the tip the heel angle seemed to just wear longer and longer until I wasn't able to turn except long sweeps. Now if I want jet black I can crowd deep narrow lines.  Sold my other engraving system on ebay.  The check for this Chasing handpiece goes in the mail tomorrow.
William Thomas

Hi Steve,  I just though I would take some time to let you know that the AirGraver is working.  It is great.   I like how gentle and then how much power you can get from this small hand piece.  I can go from fine line bulino shading and then all the way up to a powerful tool for deep relief engraving and then to gold inlaying, just with one tool.  Thanks
Ron Nott

Steve, The AirGraver is working well and I wanted to show you my latest work. Remember I have only been at this for 8 months.  I am enjoying what I am doing.  Here are pictures of the latest.  I still think your AirGraver is the best.  
Tom White, Prescott Valley, AZ
Click here to visit Tom White's web site

 I would like to take a minute to congratulate you on an outstanding AirGraver.  I have used it for a few weeks now and find it gives much more control than my old system.  My old system is like a sewing machine for the first time.  You know, you press the pedal and the machine takes off in any direction.  Your machine goes where I want it to go.  Below are some pictures of the spurs I am making using the AirGraver system.  Thanks again for a great system.
 Howie Maxwell, Spur maker and Engraver


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