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Steve, I just had to write you this letter telling you again, how much I enjoy engraving with your AirGraver.  The control of these great tools is well known to engravers that use your equipment, but there is more to it then that.  When I sit down to engrave and pick up this beautiful tool, you just feel better that you are using the best piece of equipment for the job at hand.  My engraving, and I am sure the engraving of other artists has improved using the "Lindsay AirGraver".  I use the "Chasing" and the "Classic", and have found that with these two tools I can do just about every job that comes my way with precise cuts and control.  Working in soft gold, silver, brass and the harder steels, the airgraver handle these metal with the greatest of ease.  Thanks again for your great service, and your contribution to the artists who engrave.
Jack Gohn, Lee-Joyce Designs

Dear Steve, I've never taken the time to say thank you for such a wonderful tool that you have provided to the trade. Myself and my two sons Jason and Jared enjoy using it very much. Of course they each have their own AirGraver. I have such a love for bright cutting and use it all the time for this fine art. It so gracefully cuts through my white gold and yellow gold and platinum plates so easily and so exacting that I never cut off any prongs regardless how fine and tiny they are. I have done bright cutting so fine that I've had to get a loop just to look at the prongs and the fine diamond cuts between them and the stones, as with the naked eye you could not see this fine of work. And to finish it all off I put my millgrain tool in my airgraver and open the 3 holes on the side for more power and WOW!!!!, what a beautiful finish on my customers piece. I have customers (Jewelry Stores) that tell me that my bright cutting is the best that they've ever seen. I can bright cut for hours and never will my hands or fingers get tired. I use to get the conventional engravers so sharp and shinney that I could easily cut my thumb or finely slice it so many times that I couldn't feel it but I knew something was wrong as my thumb felt mushy. Guess What? Not once with the airgraver have I sliced or cut any fingers. Ha, Ha. What a relief for me. Our next venture is to go to a hand engraving school for one week next spring so we can further expand our skills and widen out in our trade. Thank you again for sharing your life with all of us in this beautiful trade. Your friend,
Dennis J. Fiedler

As a beginning engraver I can honestly say that Steve’s Classic Airgraver is helping make me a better engraver. The Airgraver’s adjustability is a big advantage. It can go from ultra fine lines operating on a whisper of air to hogging metal with the twist of the air adjustment ring. The tool operates smoothly and precisely at all pressure settings and length of stroke adjustments. It does all this in a small package and is very comfortable in the hand. After 10 minutes of use I knew I chose the right tool. The Airgraver is expertly machined and has a very high level of fit and finish. It’s such a nice tool you don’t want to put it down. Steve’s attention to detail shows in this tool. Also, the service I have received from Steve has been nothing short of exceptional. I am a very satisfied customer and would recommend the Airgraver to anyone without reservation.
Shawn Swafford

I use the Lindsay Classic Air Graver to cut stainless etc. in both guns and knives. The tool works like a dream. I use the Lindsay carbalt gravers. It cuts through stainless easily. I have used the other equipment before and it doesn't hold a candle to the Air Graver. The sensitivity of the AirGraver can't be matched.
Otto Carter  Artist Website

The AirGraver is in my opinion the best and I have tried the others. I have not found anything I could not cut with my Classic and Lindsay carbalt tools from the finest of lines to background removal and inlaying precious metals all with one handpiece no problem. P.S. Steve is wonderful for support and advise.
Tom White  White's Engraving

I have been using Steve's equipment ( the classic ) for a long time now with out no problems . I do a lot of deep relief engraving and gold inlaying in firearms.  I am using the CLASSIC air graver for everything.  When I had the other co's equipment I needed 3 different hand pieces.
Ron Nott

Buying all sorts of pneumatic devices off eBay, trying to cobble something together, I've wasted a fair amount of money trying to get some power assistance behind my efforts to push engrave. - I should have saved my money instead of buying this that and the other and slowly moving up the chain - I should have bought your machine straight off - I love it! The total feel of quality is outstanding - in manufacture and use.
Mostyn Jones

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine who is a knifemaker and engraver here in Phoenix, Bill Cheatham, invited me over to his house to play around with his pneumatic Brand X engraving machine for a couple of hours.  It was OK and I enjoyed it but I didn't have anything to compare it with so ignorance was bliss but the thought crossed my mind, this is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I thought the brand X was a little difficult to work with but again, what did I know?  Well, when I got the AirGraver all hooked up and put a piece of practice steel in the vise within one inch of my crude engraving I said WOW, what a difference between the AirGraver and Brand X.  It was so much smoother and it seemed to cut the steel like butter.  I now said to myself, I know I can do this.  Within 5 minutes my engraving was 100% better with the AirGraver than two hours on the Brand X.  Now keep in mind, I'm a rank amateur but the difference was so obvious only an idiot couldn't tell the distinct superiority of the AirGraver.

Bill Cheatham came by the store yesterday to see and tryout the "AirGraver."  One hour later, I had to almost drag him away and he engraved an entire 2"x2" practice piece of steel with really nice scrolling.  To say he was impressed with the AirGraver would be an understatement.  He liked everything about it.

I'm into my fourth day and practice for 2-3 hours a day.  I'm doing OK with basic simply scrolls and take Julie Warenski's advice to heart - practice, practice and more practice. 

I say this with all sincerity, there's no engraver on the planet who is using Brand X who wouldn't switch to an AirGraver after five minutes of using it.  I'm glad I did a little research before I bought and your testimonial's on the website made the difference for me.  In addition, I emailed some of those people who I knew and they of course reinforced my ultimate decision. 

Thomas Lansing
For the past 20 years Mr. Lansing built the business
Classic Guns and Knives.  "Classic Guns and Knives" has one of the largest inventories of custom knives and guns in America from some of the most renowned makers.  A unique blend of custom and production knives as well as modern, antique, and military weapons.


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