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I have finally sold the last of my GRS tools, and purchased a Lindsay Classic with the foot pedal control. I must say that I have been very impressed with the control, and smooth operation of the Classic. After letting a friend of mine try it out he also sold his GRS system for the Lindsay system. I am really enjoying this art of engraving with my New Classic.
John Kinney, Stevens Point, WI

Steve, I completed Ray's beginner's engraving class last week.  He's not only a talented artist and engraver, he's a wonderful instructor.  I'm really looking forward to taking more classes once I've had a few months to practice what I've learned so far.
Lex Rooker, Norwalk, CA

Steve, I love the PalmControl AirGraver! It's a beautiful instrument, both esthetically and functionally.
Raymond Feldman, Palo Alto, CA

Dear Steve,

I'm happy as a kid in Christmas time, I think I will sleep with my PalmControl AirGraver tonight. Don't worry I will remove the sharp carbalt point before and I'll try to keep it a secret so my girlfriend will not blame you for decreasing attention toward her.  The PalmControl is more than a refined masterpiece!!!!. Nothing else on the market works so fine. Thank you so much, from all of us engravers for developing such incredible tool which makes incomparable difference in achieving precision in the engraving world. For sure it will be major contributor to bring back this difficult disappearing art.

Because of these wonderful tools of yours, there will be more encouragement and more engravers in the future. The AirGraver tool is raising the standard for quality of work that I and other jewelers and engravers produce.
Stan Jarmolowicz


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Steve, I enjoy the PalmControl immensely. From trying out EVERYTHING in the engraver tool world at FEGA, I found that the PalmControl does what it does better than other tools that do what it does.....do.   If I can get away this summer, I want to take Barry Hands class in Montana. I hear he will teach you how to catch fish, engrave their likeness, then feed them to you. Then, on to four legged critters... That guy's a character.
Steve Herpolsheimer, Las Vegas, NV 

I started my engraving career through GRS, I took a few classes from them and purchased their equipment, I was satisfied. So when Steve came out with his new design, I was skeptical, I heard about all these supposable problems so I never give much thought to switching, but then I started hearing good things about it from people who had no alternate motives other than to share their opinion on the tools performance.  Being tired of constantly retuning my monarch handpiece to get the smoothness I need, I decided to try the AirGraver, because it requires no tuning.  Anyway, I asked Steve to send me a Classic AirGraver and as soon as I got it up and going, I knew why people where impressed, with in minutes my cutting improved, simply because the AirGraver gives you more control. I am really happy with it and I would recommend anybody who is still using the GMach to give the AirGraver an honest try, you will probably have the same experience I did.

Brian Hochstrat,  www.bhsaddles.com    
Here is a practice plate I started the day I got the AirGraver, as I said before I instantly had more graver control.

Later knife engraving by Brian


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