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Steve, Unlike other power engraving tools that require a separate power unit and a foot pedal, this unique PalmControl device generates infinite graduation of power levels, all within the hand-held palm engraver itself. It is a truly unique advance of engineering. This product is a marvel of invention, and works flawlessly on the most delicate of engraved lines, and for deeper lines. All one needs is the slightest adjustment of palm pressure.
I heartily endorse this remarkable instrument.

Robert D. Swartley,
Napa California

The palm graver is the best there is. It will save you money in the long run. If you buy anything less you will end up trading your way to one of these. If you click on the AirGraver feedback at the top of the page and read all the endorsements and the names of those people, it gives you an indication of how good it is.  
Andrew Biggs, Canterbury, New Zealand

Steve, I picked up a 20oz CO2 bottle at our local paint ball store this morning for my new PalmControl. I could feel no discernible difference in the operation between the CO2 and compressed air. In fact, I just finished my "job of the day" under CO2 power. The job, sent to me by a jewelry store, was a little pocket knife, about 3" long, clad with 10 gold over a wood or base, these antique pieces have been around for a long time. The gold scabbards were decoratively stamped and approximately 28 gauge thick with an open/engravable diamond shape abut 10mm X 10mm in the center - I imagined it would be like engraving on tin foil, and it was! The center diamond areas had been hand engraved many years ago, three initials on each side. The owner wanted the initials removed from one side and scroll engraved, and the initials removed and replaced with different ones on the other. I could not burnish the original letters away because the gold was so thin it flexed when you touched it - and polishing out was out of the question. I should have sent it back, but I carefully selected the sides to be restyed as per the instructions and developed a tiny scroll pattern out of the initials on one side and strategically "adjusted" the original letters on the opposite side into three new initials. The delicate touch and feel and control of your PalmControl AirGraver provided me with newly found confidence to proceed with this job where I probably would not have before.  
Mike Dubber, Evansville, IN

Steve, All I can think to say is "DITTO" to what has been said on this feedback page.  I am enjoying the AirGraver more each day.   It seems like I have been using the tool all my engraving life...I am that used to it already.
Sam Welch,
Castle Valley, Utah

Left photo: Farquharson s/s engraving by Sam Welch.  Click photo to enlarge.


Steve, Received the palm air-graver yesterday afternoon! It is wonderful!  It is next to magical. Like all of your tools, it is finely made and works flawlessly. The tool works just as I had dreamed it might. Thank you.  Mark Drain


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