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I Love my airgraver! It has allowed me to increase both speed and quality of britecutting. That is a win win situation. I would highly recommend this tool. I use it daily and can't imagine working without it. The airgraver has paid for itself many times over.
Jason Fiedler
Sartor Hamann Jewelry

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Hello Steve, I purchased a Classic engraver from you a while ago. There are No Words, to really Describe the Versatility of this little Wonder.!!  I Modified one of the carbalt points to a needle, and are now using this engraver for my scrimshaw Work as well, What A pleasure, the needle adjustment gives the finest degree of Control that cannot be Imagined, it has really taken my scrimshaw to a higher lever of professionalism, and fast!! I used to use a Tattoo Machine that I modified, but this now will collect dust.!!
Sharp Regards,
Chris Booysen, Gauteng, South Africa

Steve, Your tool is tops, the adjustability is totally unlimited.  It is amazing that something like this even exists.  I wouldn't trade it for a Cadillac.  The more I use it, the easier it gets.  I wish I had this years ago.  
Here is a practice plate I did to see what it would look like on a 1911 that I plan to engrave later.  I used your grind & bright polished the heel.
John Pilkington, Jacksonville, NC  

Steve, After using your Classic AirGraver for the past three weeks I am convinced the control is much better then any other hand piece I have used.  You can add me to your fan club.  Keep up the good work. 
Yours Truly,
J.J. Roberts

Steve, Here's some pics of jewelry I made using the AirGraver.  I just finished a pave piece last night. It has nine 7pt. diamonds, for a Platinum Tie Tack. Used the modified square graver to raise the beads but could have used a 52 round graver as well. The AirGraver makes it effortless to Pave, Channel, and engrave jewelry. This is a dream come true over the previous setup I was using! 
Steve Shepherd, Rancho Mirage, California


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