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Hey Steve,
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the PalmControl.  I have experimented with the short and longer strokes but not too much with the pressure.  Setting the pressure at about 35 psi as you suggested feels pretty darn good but I guess it would be worth the experience of messing with that a bit.
One question, when would you want to use the Tungsten piston?  I am really satisfied with the power of the tool with the stainless steel piston and have been wondering when I might need to bring in the  "heavy".
By the way, just a comment or too from the peanut gallery: I had read a lot of positive reviews about the PalmControl but they seemed a bit over the edge with enthusiasm.  That was the reason I waited until I attended Ray Cover's course to actually work with one of your AirGravers before committing a sizable chunk of change for your tool.  I am now one of the believers....you have done a remarkable job in designing the AirGraver,,,,.  I am one of your unpaid salespersons to anyone who pursues the art and gives me their ear.
Regards, Al Frisillo

Steve, I got my Classic today about lunch time and have been playing with it ever since I got everything hooked up! I love it! It is everything everyone has claimed it to be! Thanks for making such a wonderful tool!!  
Dan Grubaugh


Eight months since I started using your AirGraver and I have nothing but praise for the machine. I thought I might send a couple of photographs of my work for the site as examples of my work. I feel it has made me a much more competent engraver and has totally changed my work output as my old equipment made my hand tired and yours allows for less fatigue as well as much more control. Once again thanks.

Respectfully,  Scott Allred

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The Lindsay AirGraver is the finest hand engraving tool I have ever used. It cuts smoothly and with great control - whether on deep scroll or delicate scenes. It is quiet and comfortable. It uses very little air. Also, I notice my gravers stay sharp far longer - especially the narrow gravers used for scenes and the tiny gravers used to undercut for inlays.
Bill Gamradt, Gamradt Gallery

That sharpened Carbalt that came with Classic is just plain amazing! I think you hear this a lot. But it is just incredible - I haven't sharpened it even once since I got it (2 weeks) and I've engraved almost any metal from copper to stainless and it just refuses to dull or break. Many-many hours already on that point. Have you used any special tricks as you sharpened it, or is the Carbalt itself just so durable and tough?
Viljo Marrandi, Jarvamaa Estonia

Got my new Airgraver on Friday last week. I finally had a chance to fool around with it and I must say it was worth the wait. I'm glad I got the tungsten piston, too. The very first job I did with the handpiece was to bezel set a big round stone. The dead blow piston worked great on the bezel. I am particularly happy with the way it stops dead when you back off on the pedal.

This tool is going to make my shading and light hairlines better. Any tool that will do the most delicate shading lines and then with a twist here and a twist there can bash in a bezel smoothly and effortlessly, without endangering a fragile stone, and leaving an almost polished surface is one cool piece of equipment, and is most worthy of a place in my shop. 
David Phelps ~  Precision Platinum, Durham, NC


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