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Hi Steve, Here is the latest piece I just finished with the aid of my PalmControl Classic AirGraver. The engraving on this time piece as you can see is the size of a dime. As a full time engraver, using the PalmControl daily, I find the assistance of this tool to be of great value to my engraving... Remarkable controllability of even the most delicate of cuts. Thank you once again for making this technology available..  

J.C. Randell, Spokane Valley, WA 

Click photo to enlarge

Hi all and Steve,

I am from Hong Kong and I am new to engraving, I start learning engraving (self-learning, no course, no school here for engraving!!!) a month ago. I think my experience may give some idea for those those who are new to engraving.
I come across your website just a few weeks after I bought GRS's whole system for engraving. After visiting your wonderful website, I decided to order your palm control air graver.

Today I got your air graver, I go crazy! After the easy and simple connection, it take me only just 10-20 seconds to try the first few cut and examine the knobs, this tools seems already become part of my hand, I can control it easily, not matter it is by push or by squeeze it to start the cut, I can cut very fine and very deep cut in one action, I can stop and start again whenever I want. The straight line that I practice is more straight, the curve line is far more smooth, the beauty stem can have more variation. The graver can dancing in my hand by following the rhythm of my heart. I am so happy with it and I hold the graver in my hand for a long time. I use it for many hours without feeling fatigue with my hand. Just don't want to put it down. This air graver not only functions very well with your clever design but also with a very beautiful appearance. The warm and elegance burl handle together with the high quality machining of the steel parts, makes the graver itself is a piece of art and also a small engine in my hand. I am a product designer and I cannot find any negative comments for your perfect airgraver.

Below is a photo of the first letter engraving by using your palm control airgraver. It is not good and I would like to any of your comments. It's a long long road for me to learn.
Zernike Au

I find the PalmControl AirGraver to be exactly like hand/push engraving in the way it operates, but with added advantages. I started quite a few years ago as a palm push engraver, so getting rid of the foot control does bring one back to the beginning so to speak.  I now have the freedom of sitting in whatever position I feel like, or standing, or taking it outside for that matter.  I engrave primarily on stainless steel and 18k golds, although a lot of my work is on other materials. Within 3 days of heavy use of the Lindsay tool, suffice it to say I was quite impressed. I never turned back and sold my past equipment along with 1/2 dozen hand pieces in short order. I was simply that impressed.

The new technology of the Lindsay tool has revolutionized the power assisted engraving market. I find that the absolute control of the cuts done with a palm control to be very helpful in the work that I do now. My stress level is greatly reduced from the old palm push method. From extremely delicate cuts to "chipping out the driveway", the tool performs flawlessly.  Another advantage I like is the ability to set the idle so to give you the ability to cut lines of equal depth, regardless of fine or heavy. Simply by changing out the hammers one can go from extremely light to heavy engraving. No extra hand pieces are required to accomplish this. A further note here, {with the fully adjustable stroke ring on the Lindsay hand piece from light blows to heavy blows gives one the total range of power required for most engraving purposes using the supplied stainless hammer.} A tungsten hammer is available for the "driveway" (carvers) type of engraving. One has all the power options one could want in one single hand piece.  
Click to enlarge picture of the very small watch engraving tutorial executed by JC Randell with the PalmControl. 
I am extremely happy with the performance of this tool to aid my engraving skills…and a hearty thank you Steve for making this revolutionary technology available.
J.C. Randell, Spokane Valley, WA 


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