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Steve, I'm extremely impressed at the ease of control afforded by your handpiece and the supplied regulator allows small incremental control not allowed by the equipment I used in the past. Also it is much more quiet than I expected, I can't really say enough about this machine. Your way of sharpening your gravers is also a revelation. No more Dragging the heel when I want a tight curve whereas with the old gravers I had to stand the handpiece on end and slowly "tiptoe" the graver as I dabbed the throttle. All in all I am very impressed. 
Scott Allred

The PalmControl works great!  Doesn’t take long to switch over from the old techniques.  I really like the ‘Lindsay Point’ on the graver.  Nice and clean cutting.
Jim DeMunck

I really like the palm control.  It is like I’m engraving what I’m thinking without the tool being there….  Very cool. The hand piece is working great. It’s so much better than I ever even expected. Much of what I do is not confined to a small area on the top of the vise (car parts, bells, flashlights, motorcycle parts). I move around a lot on these big parts when I engrave. The arc for a scroll can literally swing in an 18” circle. It’s nice not to have to worry about the calisthenics of “find the foot pedal” =). I also can’t wait to see what your new sharpening system looks like. I have been having so much fun between the new hand piece and your pre-sharpened graver that you sent. So far it has done 4 corvette spinners, 2 antique brass head lamp buckets and the end caps of 6 mag-lite flashlights w/ monograms.  Tira Mitchell www.Engraver.com

I just received my PALM CONTROL UNIT and really liked how it felt. Has just the right "weight" to it.  Falls readily to hand and after hooking everything up, just easy to use! Goes where it is wanted at the speed required - just by a gentle push (which is adjustable).  What a "sweet" unit! My other system definitely feels clumsy after just 1 minute with yours - Yup 1 minute is all it took to say WOW, this is really nice! I actually like cutting with this unit (actually, using the unit)!

The difference between Steve’s and the others is not just in price or a perceived improvement – but an actual hold it in your hand and sense the difference. It’s like driving a top-of-the-line Chevy, then a top of the line Mercedes, then a Rolls. If you prefer speed, then think Ferrari – as you can crank up the power and go faster, but you’d better be a good driver, because it’s going to do exactly what you want it to – right now!  So, you can have finesse and/or speed – and switch between the two in seconds. Each is quite capable of providing a level of sophistication but as you move up the sophistication changes – it isn’t the increase in cost, it’s what that increase of cost buys you, that’s where Steve’s Palm Control Unit makes a significant difference. Changing from a “normal” cut to a very light cut means, put thumb and fore-finger on barrel, twist, put hand down and cut – Takes as much time to do as to read it.  And if a “hack” like me can see and feel the difference you’ll just be amazed. You’ll also be amazed that a tool this compact can have so many “useful” adjustments to tailor it to your liking.
Danny Comsa

Hi Steve,  I am sending you the picture of the knife that Bertil Aasland had started and I finished it because he passed away.  It was not easy to continue, because Bertil made such a good job on it.  The PalmControl AirGraver is just perfect!

Have a beautiful summer
Lucie Krulickova, Czech Republic


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