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Scroll and Engraving Techniques ~ Lynton McKenzie
Compiled by Pam McKenzie, Steve Lindsay and Don Patch

This study book of Scroll and Techniques illustrates a large cross section of Lynton McKenzie's work.  It covers both his early and late work, in no particular order, and shows how his unique style evolved over time into the distinctive work by which he is known.  Lynton made a historical record of his work by making smoke prints of his engravings.  These are better for study than a photograph since smokes are direct prints right off the original engraving.  Some of the prints were taken during the engraving process and engraving after outlining, background removal and then shading. These scroll prints are enlarged 1.5 times in the book to aid in study of the engraving cuts.  There are thirty-four pages of smoke prints.  On one page will be the prints as they appear, and on the facing page there is a negative image for ease in viewing.

There are several detailed sections with drawings and sketches covering engraving techniques written by Lynton McKenzie himself.

The smokes are pulled from various works, including knives by Lake, Hoel, Osborne, amongst others and Custom Firearms by diverse makes such as Michael Ehinger, Daniel Frazier, Ed Weber, Martin Hag, Freedom Arms and David Miller. 

The book is spiral bound, in black and white and while not a coffee table show book it is a unique and indispensable addition to any Fine Gun Library and will hold a special place in the studious engravers' bench reference material.

The 52 page book has 16 pages of how-to information for H&C engraving written by Lynton. 34 pages of enlarged engraving prints that Lynton made of his work.

Subheadings in the book
Engraving - by Lynton McKenzie
Chisel Construction
Flat Gravers and Chisels
Part Round
Work Method -Driving a Chisel
Face Sharpening for 45 Degree Angles
Hand Gravers
Hand Graver-Work Method
Work Method - (45 degree face)
Work Method - Heel
Engraving Hammers
Cutting Lubricants
Mounting the Work
Practice Plates
Smoke Prints (there are 34 pages of prints. On one page will be the prints as they appear, and on the facing page there is a negative image for ease in viewing. )

Various photos by Frank Lindsay of Lynton's engravings, tools and work bench.  Compiled by Pam McKenzie, Steve Lindsay and Don Patch

Scroll and Engraving Techniques ~ Lynton McKenzie

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