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PalmControlŽ Classic AirGraverŽ
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PalmControls with optional custom stabilized burl wood handles.

The PalmControlŽ handle is placed on a Classic or Artisan handpiece to provide superior impacting control without a foot pedal. It utilizes hand pressure to hold a graver in a cut to vary and control the impacting power of the tool automatically. The patented tool is like engraving with a traditional palm push graver only the user does not have to push as hard.  If a person is used to foot pedal engraving, a few minutes with the PalmControlŽ is all it takes for the improved responsiveness to be realized. The hand is more sensitive than the foot, and is capable of subtle corrections. For the professional or the beginner, it is intuitive, faster, and makes the engraving process easier.  The tool is capable of producing an enormous range of cuts, from fine banknote-style engraving to removing heavy background. The optional tungsten dead blow piston allows greater top end power. The tool is equally proficient at bright cutting and stone setting. It requires 60 PSI regulated compressed air from either an air compressor or a CO2 cartridge. No electrical connection is needed. PalmControlŽ AirGravers are protected by patents and patents pending.

Lindsay gravers are made form surgical stainless steel.  No aluminum is used in the construction of the tool. 

Using the PalmControlŽ  involves the same technique as palm push engraving.  It is not necessary to push any harder than with the normal pressure used to hold a point snug in a cut with a foot pedal AirGraverŽ.  The PalmControlŽ has an adjustment for users to set to the amount palm resistance that is felt, from light to heavy.

The PalmControlŽ is instantaneous with its response time and can stop dead and break the chip out with a quick snap at the end of the cut. It can lay down a dozen short bursts of lines with ease and just as fast as a non-power tool.

The Classic PalmControlŽ includes the handpiece itself, leather pouch, one presharpened carbalt graver, three HSS graver blanks, hex wrenches, spare orings, setscrews, thumbscrews, handpiece tubing and owner's manual. A stainless piston is included standard with the tool.  A tungsten piston is also available separately.

---Click here to see a Gallery of work completed with the PalmControlŽ---

The PalmControlŽ is available with a supple Santoprene rubber handle (shown above) or a custom stabilized burl wood handle (shown below)

Click here for information about the CO2 Regulator and  adapters  for the PalmControlŽ AirGraverŽ

Updating a foot control Classic or Artisan AirGraverŽ handpiece to PalmControlŽ --  $1790  add_to_cart.gif
Classic handpiece with PalmControlŽ (Santoprene handle): $2690 add_to_cart.gif
Classic handpiece with PalmControlŽ (burl handle) $2890  add_to_cart.gif
Regulator and needed fittings to attach PalmControlŽ to
an air compressor:
photo $79
CO2 125PSI Regulator with Intergrated 20oz CO2 paintball threads$83
More information about CO2 Regulator and  adapters 
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Stainless and Damascus handles for PalmControlŽ AirGravers

These are additional custom handles that are available for the PalmControlŽ AirGravers.
Click photo to enlarge

303 Stainless
add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif


add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif


The patented Lindsay PalmControlŽ is by far the simplest, easiest to use engraving device ever made. Barry Lee Hands                                                                            Additional Feedback

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