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Steve, I find the Classic AirGraver to be just the ticket for the work that I do.
Sam Welch,
Castle Valley, UT 

Photo for your feedback page Steve. I continue to marvel at this little machine called an AirGraver! 
Sam Welch,
Castle Valley, UT 
 (click photo to enlarge)

Hello Mr. Lindsay,
First of all let me say Thank You for sharing such an outstanding tool. Second thing is I researched for two years all available tools for engraving and watched auctions and visited many forums. I noticed your tools never had any bad remarks of any kind and that they were impossible to find used. In short Mr. Lindsay you have exceeded all expectations and I'm very proud to own such a work of art. My money and time were both well invested in you and your products. Most of all I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and your tool for the rest of us out here. The forums are awesome and all the other Engravers out there are a lot of help too. Thanks a million!!!
Sincerely, Richard Horne Corinth, MS

Steve, Congratulations on your most excellent PalmControl product, I am happy to recommend your tools to my students and others. And I am glad I had a hand in getting Colt's to see what a wonderful engraving tool you make. George Spring - Colt Custom Shop Master Engraver - West Hartford CT

Steve; This past weekend I attended and carved HOBO NICKELS at a coin show.  This was the first time I brought my Lindsay Equipment with me.  I was joined by my friend and fellow nickel carver Joe Gallager.  Joe was so impressed with the stuff I got from you that he said he was going to purchase the same stuff I got.  Also,  You have no idea how much easier it is to carve my coins. 
Dave Boulay - Lewiston NY

Steve, These three pieces for a guitar are for your use in the feedback section.  Sure like that AirGraver!!   
Sam Welch,
Castle Valley, UT 
 (click photos to enlarge)

Steve: This is the first engraving that I did with your PalmControl Air Graver.  I have been engraving for over 50 years and my hand now starts to hurt when I do a lot of hand pushing. I have to limit myself to only about two hours or I will pay for it later with a lot of pain. Using your PalmControl I am able to engrave for eight hours with no pain. That is remarkable. Thank you for the tool, I love it.
John Schippers, Noblesville IN

Dear Steve,  Here is some of my work on fountain pens
Miroslav Makovička, Czech Republic (click to enlarge)

Steve. I received the Classic and I love it. Its a piece of work. It makes engraving extremely enjoyable and reduces a lot of the finger aches. Thank you very much Steve.

Gevork Gasparyan
Andranik Gasparyan

AGN Hand Engraving
Los  Angeles, CA
Click picture to enlarge.

Steve, Here is a sample of my work using your AirGraver hand piece. (click photos to enlarge)
Ken Hurst, Robersonville, NC


Hi Steve, I love the Lynton McKenzie book, but most of all I love my PalmControl AirGraver!! I purchased it last June, but haven't been able to use it until now. I can't tell you enough about how wonderful this tool is. I never had much luck with my gravers, I couldn't sharpen them properly, and was always worried that I would slip. I am amazed how easily and smoothly I can engrave, and how perfect it is! The sharpening system is also great. I finally have perfectly sharp tools with the correct angles! It has made me understand the process finally. Thank you for making these tools available!
Alice H Klein, Dagsboro DE

Steve, Here are pictures for your feedback section.  There are 87 pieces of iron inlay as well as the obvious gold, silver and copper.  I added some iron wire above this to bring the rock up around the feet of the fox. The shaping of the rock was mostly done with hammer and punch chasing the metal around...after carving out the grass.

Sam Welch,
Castle Valley, UT
Click progress pictures to enlarge.  Right most picture is completed.

I have concerns with engraving tools made of aluminum and Alzheimer's disease. The link of aluminum to Alzheimers is scary to me. I like that Lindsay's tools are stainless steel and therefore there is no concern with aluminum and my health. I also like that the Lindsay takes zero room on my bench, and I can operate it with a compressor or a CO2 tank which allows me to move from room to room or outdoors. The adjustable stroke collar on the tool is fantastic. I can go from bulino work to removing background with the same handpiece by adjusting the collar. Also, for a heavier or lighter feel, adjusting the small palm resistance screw in the handle will increase or decrease the palm resistance to where I like. I am glad I have graduated to a Lindsay! When will you?
Faye Stevenson ~ First graduate of Emporia State University, with a BFA in Engraving Arts

The Lindsay PalmControl is an extremely sensitive device very useful if you want to improve your engraving skills and make deep cuts look better and cleaner.  It is great even if you are trying to learn how to engrave.  As a matter of fact it will make you learn much faster. 
Dario Cortini, Bottega Incisioni Cesare Giovanelli, Italy

Steve, After a year of pretty heavy use, my Classic AirGraver is a Godsend. I use it every day for everything from stone setting and knocking investment out of platinum castings to fine engraving. I use it to remove watch pins, hammer inlays, burnish porosity, bead set, tighten loose stones, I've even used it to press jets out of and back into a carburetor.  By the way, that green sapphire ring I entered in that contest last Spring won first place in Lady's Fashion. I know I did a better job on it because of the AirGraver. Here's a couple of pictures of some inlay jobs I did in the last couple of weeks. I'm really enjoying doing inlay.  
David Phelps, Durham, NC




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