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Roland Baptiste Review
of the
Lindsay PalmControlŽ AirGraverŽ
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I discovered the AirGraver while working with a tool from another company. I engrave lines and remove the background with hammer and chisel as I learned at the engraving school of Liege in Belgium beginning in 1989. I finished with my the tool from another company for shadows, lines or animals.

Then three years ago, I was teaching a course to a student in my workshop. The student asked which engraving tool he should buy. He didn't have a lot of money and I
recommend him to buy the Artisan AirGraver from Steve Lindsay.. He followed my advise and he received it.  He asked me how to hook the tool so I asked the student to send me the tool and I would help him. I received the Artisan AirGraver and I tried it. I discovered immediately the power that was missing in my two engraving tools from another company that I was using. I immediately sent an email to Steve to ask him about how the power of the Artisan compares with the Classic AirGraver or the PalmControl. He
responded to my email quickly (not two weeks later, like the another company sometimes does), saying the Artisan had a medium power compared to the Classic or PalmControl.

I decided to buy a PalmControl AirGraver for myself because I found the foot control is not really instinctive to someone who comes from a push graver. I have foot pedal with my tools I was using from another company, but I don't really like it.

When I begin to work with my PalmControl, it is maybe stupid of me to say, but when I began to work with my PalmControl, it was a revelation.. I returned to the historical technique of Belgian engraving, but with the new tool which gave me the possibility to use a microscope with all my work allowing a very clean job.. It is impossible with hammer and chisel to have the facility of engraving with help of air to drive the PalmControl.. I don't know if it is my hand which is doing it, or if it is the fabulous tool.

Since this time I have been working all the time with my PalmControl and for all types of work. I have also discovered a different sharpening system point than I. I worked with Steve to create a sharpening template of my typical point for gold inlay. 

A few days ago I received a Lindsay Goliath vise and I can tell you there less vibration when using it and less breaking of points. It is easy to move with one hand on my turntable, very heavy, with good stability, better radius for working with the microscope and has a very nice finish.

Now I don't know how I can do without Steve Lindsay engraving tools.  I can recommend all engravers to work with AirGravers made by Steve Lindsay.  Thanks Steve.

Roland Baptiste, BELGIUM

Roland Baptiste teaches engraving classes in Belgium.  More information about engraving schools and how to how to contact Roland can be found at: www.EngravingClasses.com


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