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AirGraver Delivery & Service
by Brian Marshall, Stockton Jewelry Arts School

Waiting for your tool:

Steve Lindsay runs a small company, just as most of his clients do - and for some of the same reasons…None of us work just 8 hour days, and most of us love what we do for 12 or 14 hours a day.

Steve himself makes each and every one of his tools. He does this because he loves doing it. He's a perfectionist, and it shows inside and outside of each and every tool. Most of us will never be able to afford to have a custom made Rolls Royce built for us, but if we could - I imagine that we would willingly wait for one.

When you make a lifetime investment in a very fine tool of this caliber, waiting is part of the commitment you make… These tools are not for everybody - they are exquisite, individually made, precision editions of the finest power assisted engravers tools ever made. There are mass produced tools on the market for those who have not yet reached this level of appreciation.

Custom guns, knives, and hand engraved artwork are not in the same category as McDonalds or Burger King. If you do this work, you already know that. Your clients do not expect immediate delivery …they do expect you to do the best work you possibly can. They are purchasing a little piece of your life, and when you purchase one of Steve's products you are getting a bargain. You are getting the results of thousands of hours of thought and experimentation all rolled up into one little package… Look at his work. I do, every day. Think about it.

On Service:

Once you have received your tool, your world will change. Clients are given direct access to Steve himself for any problem or question regarding the products. I can say from my own personal experience with Steve that he has gone way out of his way for me, every time.

He actually called me the day I received my first Classic, to make sure I had no problems setting it up, and to make sure that I understood where and how to make all the various fine adjustments that make his tool so nice to spend the day with.

There are little touches that amazed me, for instance I found a presharpened square graver in the package! I didn't even have to pull one from a collet or handle on my bench - I was cutting with the tool within seconds of adjusting the air pressure. The graver, as well as the Classic itself, came preset to Steve's preference for general engraving. After a couple days I began changing the settings to see what else it could do - but I've gone back to where it was set when it arrived…

Conclusion: From what I have observed since I've owned the Classic, Steve seems to have one motto "Constant and never ending improvement".  This is evident in his art as well as the tools he is sharing with the rest of us.

Brian P. Marshall (Stockton Jewelry Arts School)

Mr. Brian Marshall is a member of FEGA, and has studied under engravers Victor Vasquez, John Barraclough, Lynton McKenzie, Eric Gold, Ron Smith, and Sam Welch.

Brian P. Marshall
Stockton Jewelry Arts School
Stockton, CA

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