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Manual Operated Engraving Tools

Manual Palm-Push adjustable length graver with supple Santoprene rubber handle (click to enlarge)

This adjustable length graver has 1-1/2" of adjustment.  Graver locks securely with no graver wobble with setscrews.  Wrench supplied. $49  (does not include point)

One Presharpened Carbalt™ $39




Manual Palm-Push Set
with sharpener

Click photo to enlarge

Set Includes: Adjustable Graver Handle, Sharpener, Diamond  Bench Stone, Sharpened Carbalt™ Graver, Copper practice plate, Mirror-Grave™ Polishing Sheet, and Graver beads.

Tip: If you break the pre-sharpened carbalt™ graver you won't need to use the small template for re-sharpening, but only the large one to touch up the point. The small template is only for initially shaping a new graver blank.  Here is a video of the process of re-sharpening.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxgmqDMlppY

Manual Palm-Push Set



Polishing Sheet

Instructions: Finish hone the graver point on a 2000 or 3000 diamond Bench stone. Next set the Mirror-Grave™ Polishing Sheet on the diamond bench stone and rub face & heels lightly a few strokes for a mirror polish.  Will polish HSS, M42 or Carbalt™  gravers. 

Polishing Sheet
(sheet only)

Stainless Chisel that holds 3/32" square gravers for hammer/chisel engraving

click to enlarge

With the confidence of
Master Engraver Carl Bleile
for input of this chisel holder, you are assured hand comfort for hammer & chisel engraving.  Wrench included. $56.50 
(does not include point)

HSS graver blank
$6.00 (Unsharpened)






Chasing Hammer
(head and handle sold assembled, and sold separately)
Click photos to enlarge

Click photo to enlarge

These chasing hammer heads and handles are artfully designed.  Hammer heads and handles are sold assembled, as well as separately.  The heads are turned from S7 tool steel and hardened to 58RC.  The handle is balanced for chasing work and is designed to flex slightly during use.  When the handles were made from wood this thin, the amount of flex was unpredictable from one to another.  There was also the risk of breakage.  These handles made from composite provide a cross between predicable minimal flex as well as strength for years of use.

Currently available in two weights 28gram (1.0 oz) and 38 grams (1.4oz).  The 28gram (1.0oz) head is available with a ball back end or with a small face back end

Referring to the above photo for options:

A: 28 grams (1.0oz) - ball back end- hardened 58RC - left straw color after tempering $78 add_to_cart.gif
B: 28 grams (1.0oz) - ball back end- hardened 58RC - polished after tempering $89 add_to_cart.gif
C: 28 grams (1.0oz) - small face back end - hardened 58RC - left straw color after tempering $78 add_to_cart.gif
D: 28 grams (1.0oz) - small face back end - hardened 58RC - polished after tempering $89 add_to_cart.gif
E: 38 grams (1.4oz) - small face back end - hardened 58RC - left straw color after tempering $78 add_to_cart.gif
F: 38 grams (1.4oz) - small face back end - hardened 58RC - polished after tempering $89 add_to_cart.gif

Any of the heads can be sold separate from the handle ($15 less).  To order a head without a handle use the above "add to cart" buttons and when checking out write a note in the place provided that you would only like the head.  We will refund you $15 for the handle and only ship the head.  Or if you like to order the head with the handle but not have them secured together, then write a note during the checkout letting us know.

Handle only- $15.00 (This can be used for a handle if you'd like to make your own head)

Note: There are just a few of the previous batch of 4140 hammers left.  They are the same shape and size as option E and F in the above previous photo and can still be ordered below.

These heads are made from 4140 chrome-moly and hardened to 30 Rockwell C.  4140 at 30RC can be engraved, but it is pretty tough stuff.   Head = 38 Grams, 1" dia. x 1-7/16" long

These  can be hardened from 30RC to 50RC if desired.  $20 additional.  There is a separate "add to cart" button for the 50RC option. 

4140 Hammer Head Only- 30RC $52.50 each

Handle only- $15.00

Assembled 4140 Head & Handle - 30RC $67.50

Assembled 4140 Head & Handle - 50RC $87.50



Burl Handle Manual Stainless Palm-Push Adjustable Graver
Click image to enlarge

Burl Handle Manual Stainless Palm-Push Adjustable Graver $199




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