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Lindsay Graver Sharpening System

Sharpening Fixture without stones $89 add_to_cart.gifview_cart.gif
(Fixture comes supplied with the Universal (116 degree) template)

Sharpening Fixture alone without templates (the metal portion that holds the templates) $66  add_to_cart.gifview_cart.gif

Bench stone 260 diamond grit (6" x 2" x 1/2") $39 add_to_cart.gif
Bench stone 600 diamond grit (6" x 2" x 1/2") $39
Bench stone 1200 diamond grit (6" x 2" x 1/2") $39
Bench stone 2000 diamond grit (6" x 2" x 1/2") $39
Ceramic Bench Stone (8"x2"x1/2") $59

Sharpener set with one template; Includes: Sharpener with fixture and all four diamond bench stones (260, 600, 1200, 2000), and the Universal 116 degree V template. $225 add_to_cart.gif

Sharpener set with basic templates; Includes: Sharpener with fixture and all four diamond bench stones (260, 600, 1200, 2000), plus 4 templates: Universal 116 degree, Detailing, 105, and Flat & Knife Combo.

The sharpening fixture is supplied with one set of templates to make a Universal graver point similar to the pre-sharpened graver supplied with each sale of an AirGraver® handpiece.  Additional  templates are listed  below.


Click Photo to Enlarge

Templates for Uniform-Parallel point™
will provide a point with a nominal: 45 degree face, 16.5 degree high heel.  The face and heel can be changed in the fixture by simply reducing the graver length protruding from the fixture.  With all the templates grind more on the points taper facets to make a smaller faced point as desired.

Templates: Left to Right. lick photo to enlarge
Top row: Universal, Roland Baptist gold inlay, Dario Cortini bulino, and Caligraphy. 
Bottom row: Round point, 70 degree bulino, Phil Coggan Bulino, Detailing, and Flat/knife.            


123 V

Uniform-Parallel point™$23
Uniform-Parallel Point™ information

116 V

Uniform-Parallel point™(this template is the one that is included with the sharpening fixture) $23
Uniform-Parallel Point™ information

96 V

Uniform-Parallel point™$23
Uniform-Parallel Point™ information


70V $27add_to_cart.gif
Add To Cart
V $23add_to_cart.gif

Bulino Template Set
Includes the most popular of the V templates used to make bulino points in a set.  Includes: 80V, 90V, 105V, 120V and the Phil Coggan Bulino template.
Bulino Set $99
Add To Cart

Stipple Templates: Used to make a 3/32" square graver blank into a stipple point

R. Baptiste square stipple $16 Add To Cart
Small Hex stipple
$16 Add To Cart
Large Hex stipple
$16 Add To Cart
Round stipple
$16 Add To Cart
Stipple set (includes all four)
Add To Cart

The templates to the left are for grinding various width V Lindsay patented uniform-parallel points. These templates are also used to make various width bulino dot gravers by not utilizing the two primary heel facets on the template.

Phil Coggan Bulino

Bulino point. Similar to Dario Cortini bulino with shallower facets.
$21 add_to_cart.gif
Information about this point on the engraving forum.

Dario Cortini Bulino

Bulino Point.  Similar to Phil Coggan's Bulino with steeper facets
$21 add_to_cart.gifview_cart.gif

Information about this point on the engraving forum.

70 V Bulino

Uniform-Parallel Point™$27 add_to_cart.gifview_cart.gif
(Used with a heel for lines or without a heel for bulino dots)   Face angle is 55 degrees for a stronger tip.
Uniform-Parallel Point™ information

Flat & Knife Combo

For making flats or a small undercut gold inlay graver (used in the method of undercutting by removing metal)
$23 add_to_cart.gifview_cart.gif

Round Point

 For making a round bottom graver.
$23 add_to_cart.gifview_cart.gif
 Information about this and other points on the engraving forum.

Roland Baptiste gold inlay point

For making an undercut chisel. This is used in the method of undercutting by displacing metal rather than the method of removing metal.

Information about Roland's point on the engraving forum.
Thread 1
Thread 2
Thread 3 with video   

Ray Cover Templates

Ray Cover, Background Flat  (Use with Ray Cover taper template) $23.00 add_to_cart.gif 

Ray Cover, BrightCut (Use with Ray Cover taper template) $21.00 add_to_cart.gif 

Ray Cover, Standard (90 degree) triangle heel (Use with Ray Cover taper template) $21.00 add_to_cart.gif 

 Ray Cover, Taper  $16.00 add_to_cart.gif 

Standard 80 degree Bulino (Use with Ray Cover taper template)  $15.00 add_to_cart.gif 

Ray Cover, Template Set  $89.00 add_to_cart.gif

Templates sold individually
or in a set

Click photo for enlargement

Click here for a thread and information from Ray Cover about
these template and his points


Paolo "MRTHE" Curcio, 50 Degree V & Rounded Corner Flat - Combo Set

Click to enlarge

 The "MRTHE" three piece template set can numerious points:

- 50 V degree point without heels for detailing and very fine shading
- 50 V degree point with heels for medium and deep lines and for prepare inlay work
- Flat graver point
- Flat rounded corner point ,for easy background removal,the rounded corner reduce marks,especially usefull for hobo nickel carving
- Flat big radius point for sculpting works
- Stippling square point
- Stippling round point
- Sculpting Punch point in various geometries (round ,square and rectangle)
- Small round point

Paolo "MRTHE" Curcio, 50 Degree V & Rounded Corner Flat - Combo - Three piece Set

For more informatoin and photographs by Paolo of the various points these templates make please
this thread on engravingforum.com


Negative relief 116 Uniform-Parallel Graver Point™ template.

This template is the same as the normal 116°, but the relief grind under the heel is negative. The purpose of this negative grind is to achieve more heel clearance. This additional relief was described in the
Lindsay Uniform-Parallel Point™ patent, but this is the first template made available to actually achieve this point.

This template requires that the height of the grinding lap or bench stone be 3/4" instead of the usual 1/2" seen in all previous templates. I recommend just shimming your 1/2" stones up the last 1/4". The plastic 6"x6" plate included with the full sharpening kit happens to be 1/4", so that can utilized.

A power hone for initially shaping this is helpful. However it can be done with the diamond bench stones. Steve tested how long it would take him to sharpen one from a Carbalt™ blank on the diamond bench stones. It was 15 minutes. Of course starting with a the 3 degree tapered Carbalt™ blank would considerably shorten the time.


Negative Relief Universal


Negative Universal Template
Add To Cart

Negative Relief
"Detailing 96 degree" Uniform-Parallel Point™ template

This is the same type of Negative relief template described above but it makes a Detailing 96 degree angle. 

Negative Relief  Detailing

Negative Detailing  Template
Add To Cart


Joacim Jansson - Extra Negative Relief
"Detailing 96 degree" Uniform-Parallel Point™ template

This is the same type of Negative relief template described above but with more relief as well as it will make a narrower shank.

Extra Negative Relief  Detailing

Negative Detailing  Template

Add To Cart


"MicroGraver Template Set"

Thanks to Paolo Curcio (mrthehobonickels.com) for development ideas and help with this template set!

Please visit this thread on the Forum for more information about these templates. http://engravingforum.com/showthread.php?t=10818

This double thickness template set is similar to the "Narrower" template above, however the square in this set is smaller. It is used to narrower the graver too, but so that it closer to parallel with the shank, so that the grind is more long and slender. After the square template is used, the round is used to round the top edge of the slender shank. After this the graver is sharpened normally with the other available templates to make micro versions of the graver points.

The wrench are setscrew are provided to replace the thumbscrew in the sharpening fixture. This is needed to be done before using these templates because they grind so low that the thumbscrew will be in the way if it is not removed. Simple remove the thumbscrew and install the setscrew with the supplied wrench. Of course, when you finish with shaping a graver shank with these templates you may reinstall the thumbscrew.

$22.00Add To Cart

"Narrower" Template Click photo to enlarge
 The photo below illustrates three thinning techniques.


Thinning the tip of the blank can be done using this template which fits on the Lindsay sharpening fixture. 

Illustrating how the pin can be moved if desired to rotate the grinds 45 degrees to the shank.  "Narrower" Template 

$8.00Add To Cart

1/16" thick 6" Diameter Diamond Sharpening Laps

Will replace laps on power hones originally  supplied with 5" diameter laps.

1200 grit diamond lap $22 add_to_cart.gifview_cart.gif
600 grit diamond lap
260 grit diamond  lap
100 grit diamond  lap

Ceramic Bench Stone (8"x2"x1/2") $59

This ceramic stone is 1/2" thick it works with the Lindsay template sharpener.

Used to polish carbalt and carbide gravers with the 60,0000 grit diamond paste (sold below) or 50,000 grit concentrate spray (sold above). 

Can be used without diamond for polishing M42 and HSS gravers.



1/2" thick " Cast Iron Lap  $59add_to_cart.gif

50,000 Grit Diamond Concentrate
$69 add_to_cart.gif

4 Ounce Diamond Concentrate, Makes 32 ounces (1 quart) diamond spray.  Mix this concentrate with isopropyl alcohol.

Concentrate Approximate mix ratio:
7 parts Isopropyl Alcohol
1 part Diamond Concentrate

Mixing bottle and push button spray applicator included.

Cast Iron Lap  $59

50,000 Grit Diamond Concentrate $69

New    Dual Grit Diamond Lap
Touch-up Graver diamond lap
1/16" thick 6" diameter lap with
600 mesh and 1200 combined on one disc

  This lap combines two meshes: 1200 on the outer area and 600 on the inner.  No need to change laps.1200-600 grit diamond lap
Note: With the template sharpener it isn't possible to reach to the inside grit on this lap.  Therefore if using the Lindsay template sharpener with a power hone only use the single grit laps above.
$68  add_to_cart.gifview_cart.gif

Onglette and other sharp V templates
(all with 55 degree faces for point stength)
Click here to view the graver sharpening page

These templates have 55 degree faces for
addtional point stength

Click image to enlarge

Onglette template $24
Add To Cart

50-60 template $24
Add To Cart

50-60 double angled face template (large template only, use small template from the normal faced 50-60 template set)
Add To Cart

60-70 template $24
Add To Cart

Onglette and Sharp V Templates Set (sold as four piece a set) $87
Add To Cart

Right: Photo of an onglette point shaped with the onglette template
Click image to enlarge

More information is avaiable in this thread on the engraving forum about the Onglette template.  Also elow is a good video made by Chris Botha.


Mike Dubber - Speitzer Point Template

More information and discussion about the Speitzer Point Template
visit this thread link on EngravingForum.com

Mike Dubber Speitzer point $42.00
Add To Cart


Les Schowe - Gold Inlay & Undercut Template

More information and discussion about the Gold Inlay & Undercut Template
visit this thread link on EngravingForum.com

Les Schowe Gold Inlay & Undercut $24.00
Add To Cart


Otto Carter Multi-Angle Omnigrind Template
For information on the use of this template, visit the thread on the Engraving Forum:

The below photo shows the template on the metal sharping fixture.  Note: The metal sharping fixture that the template fits on is not included with the template.  The fixture needs to be purchased seperatly if you do nothave one.


Knurled Nut
Used to replace the hex nut that comes on the metal sharpening fixure. 


Multi-Angle Omnigrind Template $29
Add To Cart  View Cart









Knurled Nut
Add To Cart

Templates for Engraver Carl Bleile's Graver Points

Tool point descriptions as pictured left to right. 
(1) banknote engraving for darker lines (red templates),

(2) scraping tool for removing tool marks, final contouring, also removes excess gold and shapes raised inlays after inlaying (green template)
(3) background removal tool with special side grinds to get around main area without nicking (blue template).
(4) medium to deep outline, removing background in tight areas, preparing for background removal and gold inlay (red templates).
More information and discussion about Carl Bleile's points and templates on www.EngravingForum.com  Thread 1,   Thread 2,   Thread 3 Thread 4 Thread 5Thread 6 Thread 7, Thread 8, Thread 9  Thread 10


Carl Bleile Template set $68

Sold separately

Deep Line & BankNote (red templates)

Scraper (green template)

Sculpturing & Relief (blue template)

Uniform-Parallel point™
This is the type of point some of the V templates for the Lindsay Sharpener make. 
Click here for more information about this point


  • High torque variable speed motor

  • 2900 max RPM

  • Plenty of power for quick grinding

  • Dual sided 6" diamond disk 180 roughing and 2200 polishing allows a point to be ground and polished quickly.

  • Disk is placed to the back and offset allowing more work table in front for the templates or fixtures

  • Fused input

  • Heavy gauge steel construction

Available in two models through the T.W. Designs website (order there)
Click Here to go to T. W Designs website

The Diamond Power Hone is available in two models; Standard Model 1 and Deluxe Model 2... Read more about the features of these hones and order direct on the T.W. Design Website (click here)

T-W Designs - Diamond Power Hone
Review by Steve Lindsay
I have been using this T-W Diamond Power Hone for some time. The speed in which I can rough and finish a carbalt blank is under two minutes with the machine.  I use the machine to rough grind using the Lindsay template fixture.  Once roughed I then rub the graver face on a Lindsay 2000 diamond bench diamond stone with 10 to 15 strokes and then place on the heels with 3 to 7 strokes per side depending on heel size needed.  I use the machine at maximum speed for this roughing.  The motor has good torque and I can lean on the graver somewhat that also helps.  If grinding a High Speed Steel graver I take it more easy and I don't lean on it as much so that the graver does not get hot and lose its temper.  Be careful with HSS graver and don't get them so hot that they turn colors.  I monitor the heat of HSS gravers with my fingers while grinding for this reason.

T. W. Designs
Diamond Power Hone
Variable Speed Graver and Tool Sharpener

Standard Model #1

Deluxe Model #2

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