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I can see by using the Lindsay Graver, on its preset settings,  that it is wonderful for very fine line engraving.  The power is there, too, for bright cuts and script.  I can see that it will enable me to have more control.  The tool has so many possibilities for adjustment.  It is going to take me awhile to fully learn to use the tool.  So far, I'm happy with the tool's performance and am sure I'll have many good years using it.  Also, a BIG PLUS:   My noisy air compressor did not come on once while I was using the tool.
Sandy Malloy
Malloy Gunsmithing

The tool is working very well for me.  I have been doing mostly ribbon cut script monograms, and they look a good deal better than before.  I am able to cut finer lines, and smoother bright cuts than I could with the hammer and chisel, or even with a hand pushed burin.  I'm looking forward to doing two family crest projects that are upcoming, as well as a knife bolster.  In my practice sessions, the scrollwork is much easier, faster, and smoother, in form as well as character of cut.   I used to have a problem with roughness on the edge of the cut in really tight spots on scrollwork, but not with your tool.  I am really excited about the possibilities for continued quality improvement, because of what your tool will allow me to do.  The only problem is that now I have an increasingly difficult to resist impulse to get a microscope!  Patience will prevail, however.
Tom McArdle www.McardlesHandEngraving.com 
Note: Mr. McArdle is the teacher of the
On-Line Engraving School

It looks like the Air Chasing Graver is working out just fine. I am doing my best engraving I have ever done with this new engraver. The control is what I believe is giving me good cuts.     
Jack Gohn
Lee-Joyce Designs Inc.

From the preset settings I can produce a cut so fine that it is equivalent to the lightest touch of a push graver, so much so that the lightest cut is barely visible by eye. The fabulous part of the Chasing Graver is that I can now go from a standard cut to the finest imaginable cut with no adjustment. I simply love that. Also I think its just fabulous the way it cuts, unlike other impact engraving tools which raised a lot of burs, your unit cuts so well that there are no burrs. That's so cool!!!
T. Pozzobon

I am a beginning engraver, and I have been very impressed with the Air Chaser Graver. It is easy to use and adjust and very versatile. As a tool maker professionally I appreciate the simplicity of a well designed tool and the workmanship that is evident in this tool.
Charlie Driver
Tool and Die Maker

charliegun2_thumb.jpg (13495 bytes)

Yes, I did receive the tool on Friday.  I had to sort of chase the postman for it as I had to sign for it.  I set it up this morning and it's AWESOME. Cuts smooth with incredible control.  Really a sweet tool.  Nice work. Will report back later with more. thanks
Kevin Casey

I was playing with the tool again this morning....it just purrs in your hand waiting to go.....nothing like the feel of quality....
Andrew Shinosky
Engraver/Knifemaker/Tool and Die Maker

Note: The below feedback is from the engraver Barry Trindle with his first response after trying an earlier prototype of the tool in 1999.  He has a variety of other engraving tools. The earlier Air Chasing Graver prototype he was using did not have the length of stroke mechanism. Instead it was supplied to him with several weighted pistons. They were fixed to not quite the longest stroke of the adjustment mechanism in the current Air Chasing Gravers...although one of the small pistons may have been set to about mid point.

"I got the handpiece hooked up directly to the air source tonight and did a little cutting in a chunk of 416. This is 1/4" 416 clamped in the 50 lb ball so it is very nice to cut. I tried all 4 pistons. The heavy ones really hit hard! I was taking a heavier cut than I usually do just to see what it will do. Wow! You could plow with it! It has much more power than I need for lines but I want to try it on background with a wide flat, should really be the deal for that. Amazing anything so small can hit so hard. I tried the small pistons and I really like them, they give me a much higher impact rate than my other impact tools. Judging by the sound your tool is running nearly twice the speed of my other tools with the light pistons. For me, high impact speed reduces tool breakage and makes smoother cuts."
Barry Trindle


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