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Since receiving my AirGravers a year ago I've engraved five shotguns, six bolt action rifles and various smaller projects.  My old equipment is up on the shelf collecting dust.  Shaun A. Banks, United Kingdom

Knife forum feedback concerning the Lindsay patented graver point.
"What Steve has that is unique and new to the graver world is the graver with a different relationship of the relief heel to the primary heel. The primary heel is cut so that it creates a parallel line to the relief heel, somewhat akin to a “flat graver” on both sides. This is something new to me, and to the engraving world as a whole, as evidenced by the patent. While I have yet to sit down and grind out one of these, given the examples I have seen on the internet and a few cuts of my own with it at Steve’s display, I think it will become a necessary part of my graver arsenal." 
Scott Pilkington  

Steve, Here is a photo of some recent work that was made possible for me with your AirGraver.  These are inlaid with .5 mm 22k rose gold wire in platinum.  I was pleased that the platinum held it's edge as I beat the wire into it.  I tack soldered the wires at the ends to prevent them from ever lifting out during wear.  I never would have attempted this pushing by hand.  James Roettger, Minneapolis, MN

Steve, It occurred to me that I am in the fourth year of using the classic. That's about 9000 hours of service and it still works as well as it did the first time I hooked it up. The only things I have done is replace the o-rings and the setscrews and clean it once every couple of months. Amazing. Last week I engraved nineteen sterling trays for a major corporation over a two day period.  About two thousand roman letters without the points of my gravers breaking once or needing any repairs due to slipping.  In fact I haven't had to replace or repair any merchandise due to point breakage since I left traditional gravers behind. The points of tools still break although much less frequently, but they kind of dance in place instead of skidding across the metal. Some minor burnishing is all I've had to do. I am constantly in awe of the amount of control I have. On Saturday I engraved the backs of three different stainless steel Rolex watches using combinations of liners, square gravers and flat tools with no problems. he thing that impresses me the most is the amount of control I have with the smallest lettering. With the microscope I can engrave incredibly small inscriptions with the same control as larger lettering. After four years of constant use I can say, without hesitation, that a jewelry engraver who thinks he can engrave as well with traditional tools as he can with an airgraver is just plain deceiving himself.  Allan Binder, Smyth Jewelers, Timonium Maryland  engraver(at)comcast(dot)net

Hi Steve,  Your PalmControl AirGraver is like going from the stone age to the space age in one step. The ease of use, the flexibility and the portability are simply incredible. It is not only excellently engineered it is also a work art itself. The freedom to choose to engrave at any location, without worrying about bring an air compressor or electrical connectivity is a definite plus. The PalmControl allows me the maximum control from the most delicate design to deep relief and then to the depth and detail of sculpturing. This tool is truly a revolutionary advancement.  Thank you, Mike Morgan, Dixon, CA

Steve, Here are pictures of my personal ring I just finished, a 14K gold Roping Saddle ring.  I am fortunate to work with some of the best tools in the USA and around the world, but nothing compares to the AirGraver.  The more I use it the more it blows my mind. 
Thanks so much, 
Joe Cera  www.ceraswaxes.com


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