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Hey Steve, I just was thinking that I have not contacted you since receiving my "Classic" in October. The tool has performed flawlessly! I have a full time job up here and just surviving the Alaska winters takes some time and effort so I am not able to use it as much as I would like.  But I have probably got a hundred hours on it and love it! I was hoping to get to Reno to thank you in person again this year but it is not in the cards. So... Thanks! great product, beautiful tool, excellent quality and it was a pleasure doing business with you.
Cheers! Barry Burger, Sitka, Alaska

Steve, I thought you might like to see the first practice plate. I really happy with the feel of the PalmControl hand piece and it's adjustability. It feels good in the hand, and is balance in the weight side to side.  The first plate is cold rolled steel, and a real technical challenge.  Just fun subject to engrave.
Jim Zimmerman


Click photo to enlarge

Hi Steve: Would of written sooner but I've been busy sharpening bits. Received the graver sharpening system yesterday and have been working with it ever since.  It is great!  All of my graver bits are extra sharp and ready to cut some steel.  Can't thank you enough sir.  This system is now an important part of my desk.
Lindell Nipper, Union, MO

Your sharpening system is GREAT. I also got a diamond wheel in 180 grit off Ebay. I placed it on a 1/2 in mandrel and chucked it in an R8 collet on my variable speed mill. I made a height block to quickly set the tool. Works good for rough shaping, then the stones for a couple minutes and I'm in business. It's "blindfold" easy. I finally got the inkjet transfer thing down to a predictable science.
Steve Herpolsheimer, Las Vegas, NV

Steve,  Just wanted to let you know that my new AirGraver is up and running; and how pleasantly impressed I am with it! I have the further great fortune to be booked into 3 days of one-on-one instruction with Mike Dubber! Life is good! Thanks again for all of your help figuring out what I needed.
Dave Glasser, Cincinnati, Ohio

The PalmControl works amazing, I'm loving it.  We need people like you Steve in order to make our jobs easier and fun at the same time.  I also received the Omano microscope, I loved it.   Actually it's more comfortable than the Meiji and also brighter.  As you said the microscope-store.com is friendly too.
Jack Hagop, Glendale, CA

Hello all... So I have often been asked, as a goldsmith what do I get for Christmas( since jewelry is already taken care of or Ben's to busy to make it for me anyhow...) Santa came early this year in the form or a Steve Lindsay palmdriven Handpiece... I already used it today and it's amazing...

I'm attaching pics and I will be practicing like crazy this winter so if anyone needs any handengraving in the future, you'll know where to come:) Thanks Steve!
Happy holidays!

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