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Steve - Here is a composite photo of the first knife I have engraved (416 stainless)  using your Classic Air Graver and my first attempt at doing a stippled figure.  I have done a great deal of practice engraving with the Classic and your 120 degree patented graver grind on just about every type of metal I can find in the shop -- aluminum, brass, high carbon steel, low carbon steel, CP2 and 6AL4V titanium along with 154CM, 440C, and 416 stainless - it rips through these metals with ease and speed.   I am amazed at how it and the 120 graver cuts, from fine line shading to deep cuts - it is a wonder.  Often I go to the shop just to relax by doing practice engravings, it's that much fun to use.  To anyone looking for pneumatic engraving tool my advice is to take a very close look at the Air Graver it is all that people say it is and more.  
Fred Carter                             (Click picture to enlarge)


My new PalmControl Air Graver has served me well during the Christmas rush.  I must have cut 5,000 letters, monograms and associated decorative scrolls and borders over the past month....everything from large signet rings to delicate hollow pieces like bangle bracelets and lockets that were the thickness of foil - to delicate antique watch cases, and more.  I've made the transition from foot power to PalmPower and now find it to be entirely natural with absolute control - I no longer have the subconscious need to press the pedal!
Mike Dubber, Evansville, IN

Steve, I just can't think of enough words to say my TOTAL SATISFACTION with your equipment!!!   I am completely in AWE of this too!
Thank you so much.
Julie Warenski   Warenski Engraving













Steve...  I finally got to give the PalmControl a whirl.  I did a single scroll, two leaves, then ran for my computer.  Wow! WOW! My very first attempt to cut produced the best lines that I had ever done. The sensitivity, intuitive feel, and fine control, produced a cut that far exceeded anything I had done previously by hand. And this was my very first use. The PalmControl Airgraver is a piece of art, that in turn, creates art.  I have found over the years that the very best tools are created by those that in turn, use them. The Airgraver is at the very top. As I mentioned in another post on the Forum site, the limiting factor that I now see is in my own artistic interpretation, not the mechanics of engraving.  I look forward to years of engraving with this fine tool. And BTW, your patented point works incredibly well, far exceeding anything I have tried before. Once again, thanks.
Kurt Bjorn
Note: Kurt has designed and built complex miniature engines, from steam to gas turbine.  http://www.5bears.com


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