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Here in Norway it is spring right now, and the snow has almost melted away, still on the mountain tops though. It is getting warm and nice outside.  Since I bought your Air Chasing Graver in September 2000, I have been practicing after work, I have tried to sit down for a couple of hours with my new hobby. My family has also learned how to cook their own dinner :-) ( I feel like a lousy wife and mother sometimes, but just for a second or two, it passes quickly. :-D )  The local blacksmith provide me with knife blades to practice with, they are from 6 to 10 cm long, and I try to keep close to our traditionally rose painting style. This is familiar to me, and therefore easier for me to draw/engrave in the beginning. Have bought the book from Meek, tried to read it, takes some time though, reading English is not what I do every day.  I do not know of any other engravers close to me ( living kind of far away from any city ), and all there is to compare with, I have found on the internet, in gunsmith stores and in books, and you all are so good. It's a long way to go, I know, and a lot of hours of practicing, but there is no way I will give up this. This is so fun !! I have not experimented much with all the different adjustments on the tool yet, just kept the adjustment mostly the way you have done. Have to take one thing at the time, and decided to find out some basics on how to engrave simple patterns first. I send you a picture of one of my knife blades, This is number seven I engraved.

anne_thumb.jpg (7472 bytes)
Click on the picture to enlarge.

Sending you a big hug for creating such a tool.

Big smile from
Anne Bjornstad, Norway
Anne's Corner

Interesting thing I learned tonight :) I started on this Colt auto tonight and I cut one entire small design, in that little area behind the grooves to pull the slide back, on this tougher steel with the Classic and the graver didn't break once!!! And I was using my old brittle carbide gravers!!! So, the only conclusion I can come to is that your tools cut so much smoother helping prevent tool breakage with better speeds than other companies handpieces:) If I was using theirs I know I would have had to re-sharpen several times. The more I use your tools the more I like them:) That carbide mix gravers of yours ought to last just about forever in your tools.  Will keep you posted.
Tim Herman, Knifemaker/Engraver
review by Tim Herman

When I first saw the Air graver on Lindsay's web site, I just knew it was "right". It had the right look and now that I have one I know it has the right feel as well. If I were to make an impact tool for engraving it wouldn't be shaped like a Cuban cigar with a bit stuck in the end of it, and twice as long. It would look like Lindsay's masterpiece. Not to knock anyone else's equipment but to best explain what I mean, go look at the apparatus on the market that runs off a flex shaft for instance and compare it to the Air graver. Now which one would you rather have your fist around trying to cut intricate detail? I thought so, and I rest my case. If anyone thinks it may be too small for anything but a light blow, let me say this. I took a roughly shaped blank and cut some half-hard brass with it. I wanted to see how deep it would cut with full throttle so I poured the coal to it and aimed it south. I had a hole dug half way to china before I got my foot off the gas pedal.

It purrs like a kitten in your hand at idle ready to make your cuts look great, even if you've never engraved much before. I'm a beginner engraver that grew up in a machine shop and I must say that this is without a doubt, the most ingenious and incredible piece of precision machinery I have ever had my hands on. I have used the flex shaft tool a few times and I own a self contained impact tool from another company, and now this Classic Air graver all of which do a good job. But then again, a Pinto or a Cadillac will both get you to town; which one would you rather drive? The Air graver is my favorite by a country mile! Like I said, It's just "Right".
T. Wells
Buckley, WA

I wish to say that the tool does everything that I had hoped it would do and more. I'm very impressed although I can't say that I'm surprised. You are not charging enough for this tool....that's right, I can say this , ...I have mine now. A handmade tool of this caliper, with this kind of high tolerance and fit/finish is worth at least as much as the production made impact engraving tool made by other companies. When I happened on to your website and saw that you were selling them I couldn't believe it. When I saw the price I knew I would have one....I had to hurry before you changed your mind or something. The more I have thought about it I probably would have found the money to pay $1500 or more. It is a rare item. Ain't gonna get it cheaper any where else.
Andrew Shinosky
Engraver/Knifemaker/Tool and Die Maker

Black Auto collage_thumb.jpg (15266 bytes)

andydagger.jpg (10935 bytes)


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